Why Darth Vader is Not as Bad as You Think


When it comes to villains in cinema, there are few who can top the infamous Darth Vader. The mere sound of his breathing sends chills down the spines of aspiring young Jedi. For years we watched as he relentlessly harassed the heroes of the original trilogy; killing Obi Wan, Chopping off Luke’s hand, and ultimately capturing Han Solo for the sole purpose of torturing and freezing him. But is he really that bad?

Anyone who has seen Episode I knows that Anakin Skywalker (who would later become the infamous Darth Vader) was predicted to be the chosen Jedi who would bring balance back to the Force. The end of Episode III make the Jedi question whether that prediction is accurate. He turned to the Dark Side, killed his wife and several younglings, and attempted to kill his master. How can he be the savior who would bring balance back to the Force?

At this point most movie-goers have written off Anakin as the savior, and have turned to Luke to fulfill the prophesy.

Not.so.fast. I argue that Anakin, aka Darth chop-yo-hand-0ff Vader is indeed still the savior.

Anakin was the only person in the entire universe who could have stopped Palpatine. He was naive and powerful enough to be seduced by the would-be Emperor, but had enough good in him to overcome the Dark Side and eventually kill his seductor, and save the Universe from the continued despotic clutches of the Empire.

With that said, I give you the top 5 reasons Darth Vader isn’t that bad:

5.) His original voice was performed by James Earl Jones. Who doesn’t love James Earl Jones?

4.) You never have to worry about his bad breath.

3.) You will rise quickly through the ranks if he is your boss.

2.) He has great mercy. “No disintegrations” .

1.) His poker face is superior to yours.

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